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Igino Cislaghi






畢業於 意大利克雷莫納提琴學校
Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Antonio Stradivari Cremona


Igino Cislaghi 於 1989 年出生於米蘭。家庭影響使他熱愛音樂和木工工作。2011 年,他離開家人前往克雷莫納的小提琴製作學校學習,他師從大師 Massimo Negroni 和 Ernesto Vaia。在學校期間,他每年都獲得 Stauffer 獎學金以及“Ferraroni”和“Flavio Smerieri”獎,他在畢業考試以修復古樂器,考得97/100的高分,並在2015/2016學年獲得Antonio Stradivari School of Lutherie最佳畢業生獎。

學校以外,他與克雷莫納的幾位專業小提琴製造商合作,這使他能夠嘗試不同的模型,製作階梯和木材,如柳木和梨木,並得到很高水平的讚賞。他對木材選料非常考究,現在製作的意大利小提琴主要使用經過 10 年以上風乾的意大利雲杉,以及來自巴爾乾地區的楓木。

2020 年,他在克雷莫納開設了自己的工作室,並於同年成為 ALI 專業製琴師的成員。他與大師Simeone Morassi 合作並得到風格上的建議。除了意大利當地展覽外,他參加了韓國的幾次亞洲博覽會,他的作品深受世界各地小提琴手愛戴。


Why did you start making instruments?

I started learning violin making because my grandfather used to make wooden clocks, footstools, squares, and other items after retiring. After he fell ill, I took over his hobby, but I wanted to turn it into a profession. As a drummer, I decided to combine my passions by making musical instruments. I began making violins in 2012, during my first year of school. My roommate was already good skilled in the craft and taught me after my classes.

Why your instruments are so special?

My instruments are special because over the years of schooling and the first few years after, I internalized the concept of bow instruments. I explored the types of instruments that I enjoyed making and received feedback on them. After that, I began making my own instruments with my own style, without relying solely on old photos or blindly following measurements, except for those that are standard and necessary (though they can be challenging). I welcome new information that can change my approach, but I always experiment with it to create something new.

What is your inspiration?

My inspirations come from the flowing energy web that connects everything. When I work, I unconsciously search for this flow. When I find it, my hands work independently, and the result is always satisfying. However, achieving this equilibrium is difficult, and I believe that one must be free-spirited to attain it.

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